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What's for: New word, highly brandable. Magazine on business opportunities in Africa.

New trends are often born in developing countries, fertile lands for new successful business.

Africa’s economy in 21st century promises to be the next Mecca for business. African economy is based on its unique natural resources and large young population. Researches on new trends in the field of economy and business shows this new coming trend.

In recent years investors have been piling into Lagos and Nairobi as if they were Frankfurt and Tokyo of old. Anaemic growth in the rich world has made sub-Saharan Africa an attractive destination for money and its managers. Foreign direct investment has increased by about 50% since 2005. Once regarded as casinos, local capital markets now seem less risky.

Africa’s natural resources have always been exploited, but the new trend is creating new African business based on different business model than exploiting soils and people.

The aim of a new generation of African people is to create their own business, with foreign investments and skilled and smart people willing to work there.

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