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Researchers at Stanford University have recently announced they created a new type of transistor entirely made of genetic material and working inside of living bacteria. The new biological transistor is better than its inorganic counterpart and researchers say their device will be able to help build fully functioning computers within the cells of living organisms — plants and animals alike — in the future.

The new device is defined a “transcriptor.” It’s a microscopic piece of a DNA molecule inside a living cell that Stanford researchers genetically engineered to control the flow of another important molecule, RNA, as though it were an electrical current. RNA is responsible for translating DNA instructions in a cell’s natural processes, so by controlling it, researchers can command an entire living cell.

Instead of controlling the flow of electrons across metal circuit wires, the biological switches control the flow of a protein along a “wire” of DNA in living bacteria. It will soon be used to build the so called biocomputers.

Biological transistors are then here to stay: book this tech trend now!

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