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A new way of drinking champagne is becoming very trendy: drinking it on-the-rocks. This is not a blaspheme gesture by some first time champagne drinkers, but a trend born in France, where it became acceptable to serve champagne in large wine glasses on three ice rocks during very hot days. Now, this trend is promoted by major champagne brands, such as Moet & Chandon, which created the Moet Ice Imperial (a fully bodied champagne to be served on ice), or Piper-Heidsieck, that created a special glass to be filled with ice and champagne. Thus, the champagne becomes a drink perfect to be sipped along a swimming pool and this is why this new trend is called “champagne piscine”. It also has its own rules: ‘champagne piscine’ may be served until dawn, but after it the ‘pure’ champagne comes back….

A French trend going global!


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