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What's for: Website to offer design services for fluid trademarks.

A fluid trademark – aka liquid trademark – is one that changes dynamically and intentionally. While businesses typically think of their trademarks as a static signature or source identifier, in recent years, some brands have experimented with trademarks that continously alter in appearance, while using some recognizable constant. By refreshing their trademarks constantly, the brands engage consumers with their creativity and energy, with a very dynamic spin.

Such fluid trademarks are a natural outgrowth of new media and information technology, but they must be managed carefully or they can jeopardize valuable trademark rights.

The most famous examples of fluid trademarks are Google and Absolut vodka. Google updates its artwork almost daily, and yet, consumers always see a “Google” essence as the name bears artistic ornamentation. Absolut adopted an ongoing ad campaign in which artists and designers played with its trade dress. The Absolut bottle has taken many forms, from snow fried egg on a sidewalk to a snow sculpture, and yet, consumers recognize that they are seeing an Absolut bottle.
- See more at: http://kbhilferlaw.com/how-not-to-create-a-fluid-trademark/#sthash.ix4pv72j.dpuf
- See an interesting collection of fluid trademarks at https://www.pinterest.com/fluidmarks/” title=”Fluid trademarks”

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