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What's for: Site to offer mooc courses. Comparation site on best moocs available. Unique opportunity to dominate this booming sector!

MOOCs is an acronym standing for Massive Open Online Courses.

A MOOC is then a course where the participants are distributed and course materials also are dispersed across the web. This is possible only if the course is open, and works significantly better if the course is large.
MOOCs are a more recent form of online course development, departing from formats that rely on posted resources, Learning Management Systems, and structures that mix the LMS with more open web resources.
MOOCs are founded on the theory of connectivism and an open pedagogy based on networked learning. Typically, participation in a MOOC is free; however, some MOOCs may charge a fee in the form of tuition if the participant seeks some form of accreditation.
As major US universities such as Harward and Standford recently started their MOOC programmes with enormous success, these kind of courses will make a revolution in long distance learning.


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