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The so called right to oblivion is the right that the information systems are designed to the effect that certain categories of information should no longer be kept or used beyond a certain period, in order to protect individuals from unreasonably long retention of data that could be harmful. As our digital persona is made out of data concerning ourselves that circulate freely and without any time limit, a growing need is that of being able to cancel some of them that concern our past. In the permanent present of the digital world, the right to request oblivion of some past facts is a strict necessity to permit an individual to evolve and not to remain stuck to an unpleasant past.

The recent ECJ decision in the Costeja/google case has made request of cancellation of personal data much easier: see http://bit.ly/1jYpjNt
http://www.stanfordlawreview.org/online/privacy-paradox/right-to-be-forgotten http://peterfleischer.blogspot.it/2011/03/foggy-thinking-about-right-to-oblivion.html

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