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A new trend in garbage collection is born. Nowadays, some cities are adopting underground pneumatic waste systems to transport and collect garbage without any surface activity. The system consists of a fully enclosed vacuum system network, which eliminate foul-smelling, dirty refuse collection rooms and containers in the streets. The advantages are several, for modern cities but most of all for historical centers of older urban zones. Among early adopters we may remind Leon, Zaragoza and Pamplona in Spain, or Wembley, UK. Till now, garbage was dumped in containers placed along public right-of-ways that, if collected daily by the municipal services, heavily deteriorate the city: garbage collection implies big trucks roaming old medieval roads and hence, badly damaging the local environment. With the introduction of pneumatic garbage collection, old fashioned street containers have given way to modern boxes, and lorries no longer have to enter the city center, largely improving health, sanitation and overall environmental conditions.




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