Trends for 2015

End of 2014: time to forecast for 2015!

Before doing so, it is probably useful to see what we got right in 2013 for 2014, as in the analysis reproduced below this article.

As to culture, Moocs remain a booming trend with any major university now offering them, whereas in the design field Individual Seriality become commonplace: as a 2014 Christmas gift, two different clients brought us champagne bottles with our names on them!

Then, we remark that the trend towards Plain Package is growing worldwide with UK and Ireland starting to introduce legislation on white label cigarettes.

Also unstoppable is the growth of Pervasing Computing, as the Internet of Things is already part of our lives, as well as Power Storaging remains on the radars as a turning point of our dayly lives: experts say that a 10x increase in battery capacity will chenge our entire world and lifestyles.

Then, as chefs are now the main characters on TV, Pseudo Domestic pre-prepared dishes are more and more common on supermarket shelves, permitting pseudo-chefs to finalise them and present same as their creations.

We are then particularly proud of having intercepted the legal new trend of the year, ie the Oblivion Right that was recognised by the European Court of Justice in the 2014 Costeja vs Google case and is now obliging the search engines to remove dozen of thousand of news that violate people’s rights that certain facts are forgotten after a reasonable amount of time.

Also, the apparently exoteric Gatsby Curve – certifying the likelihood that children of rich parents get better careers – has been the basic theory of Thomas Piketty’s bestselling Capital in the Twenty-First Century.

To the contrary, the technology trends we found for 2014 are still in their initial phase: we will still need some time to see Biological Transistor, Spray Displays, and Mind Copying.

That said, here are our predictions for 2015!





In this moment of transition, most innovative art collectors are finally starting buying websites created by artists, putting together the first Websites Collections.

Then, after ammassing immense collections in the last few years, big collectors are now looking for Art Storaging and for Art Freeports, the new Luxemburg Le Freeport being their new Mecca.

After Ikea destroyed the taste for antiques, the taste for anything Scandinavian continued its global growth and generated a true Scandimental phenomenon.


Leading economists agree we entered a new phase of capitalism, the Data Capitalism where the most fundamental assets will no longer be land or financial capital, but data.


After the success of Snapchat, many other Temporary Messaging services are being launched, trying to protect people’s privacy.


Lots of news in these fields.

Starting from the liquids, we can mention the Solid Cocktails, new creations of gellyfied or iced liquors.

Then, we have the sudden surge of
Mexican Liquors, and particularly Artisanal Mezcal and Artisanal Tequila.

Turning to food, we can highlight the ever growing phenomenon of Mashup Dishes, ie dishes that are a combination of ingredients, cooking styles or tastes (the “cronut”, the hybrid of a croissant and a doughnut being a good example).


The increase of allergies is a continuing trend, to respond to which we have both the Allergen Cards (among which, the Food Cards) and the growing request for Unscented Products.

Then, we have increased awarness of side effects of food dyes, such as causing hyperactivity in children and the list of dyes being prohibited in the EU or requiring to be indicated on labels has been called Rainbow of Risk


Megacorporations are continuing to try avoiding taxes with Tax Inversion strategies, ie becoming subsidiaries of companies located in tax heavens.


Economic crisis has broght many uber-chefs to explore opportunities in the middle market once dominated by the traditional bistros, that now boost a sophisticated cuisine at reasonable prices: here are the new Gastrobistrots.


The new trend in parenting style is certainly the Snowplough Parent, trying to remove all obstacles to his children.

Also, expecially at Millennials level, the distinction between genders is being totally blurred, so that a Blurred Gender is emerging.


New kinds of Muon Detectors are being created to generate three-dimensional images of volumes.

Also, in 3D printing there is a rise of Subtractive Processes rather the usual addictive processes.


As side effects of the global cooking madness, organic craze, and return to nature, now people want to know more about the food they eat and the natural environment. This generated new products as the glossy and iper-trendy Modern Farmer (admittedly, we are great fans and early suscribers: see them at Modern Farmer), as well as new experiences such as the Didactic Farm, where city dwellers (that in a few years will be 50% of the world population) can understand how foodstuffs are grown (and, oftentimes, buy them), or the newest Horticultural Tourism, focusing more on gardens.





Last days of 2013: time to start forecasting for 2014.

Here at New Trends Domains, we make forecasts every day to book the future on your behalf. We are then sharing with you some of our trend analysis for 2014. We decided to focus on ten categories, in strict alphabetical order.



The cultural world is starting adapting to the the new digital environment. As people now mostly read on digital screens rather than on paper, the first bookless libraries were launched, where one can borrow e-books and the equipment to read them. Also, Massive Open Online Courses (“Moocs“) are continuing their steep growth, that is deemed to continue in 2014: a new long distance, continually updated and interactive teaching method is born and the traditional methods will soon become history. Crisis has made consumers more reluctant to buy, so that sellers must be more imaginative to create an emotional connection that may “hook” the consumer: here is the trend of individual seriality (i.e. each piece is slightly different from any other of the same series; think about the 4 million Absolut vodka bottles each with a unique different design or Nutella vases bearing the first names of potential consumers).  Moreover, in our times also the role of decoration remains unclear. While minimalism is typical of economic booms, too much decoration may well be an inappropriate show-off to the many have-not, so that ornamental despair may describe this new trend.



A growing development worldwide, made possible by technologies that permit remote working and make it easy to start businesses from home is mumpreneuring, i.e. the activity of a woman who combines running a business enterprise with looking after her children. Then, to counter the waste disposal problem generated by the creation of million of tons of packagings, an emerging solution of that of the so called disappearing packaging  that id packaging that is impressed directly on the product and disappears during the use of same (think of a soap bar whose logo disappears through use). Also, booming legislation on white or plain packaging for cigarettes will create a large market for cigarettes covers.



Pervasing computing is continuing to expand, as intelligent devices are installed everywhere and then connected to networks, so that they can interact without interruptions. A latest example are the so-called connected cows, that is cows that, through a variety of electronic devices, are connected to Internet, to monitor them and respond promptly to their needs.



After struggling for many years as to new sources for producing energy, now the focus has shifted to a different problem: how to storage the energy produced by highly time sensitive energy sources such as solar and wind. Thus, research on power storaging is the new frontier and the one that will first cross the line may be the future billionaires. As to human energy, it is interesting to mention a new model of energy boosting shoes launched by Adidas whose sole contains thousands of tiny ‘energy capsules’ that are melted and built into a bouncy midsole: the bouncy substance is said to return more energy to the runner – meaning the wearer can run more efficiently on the roads and go for longer without expending as much energy.



Neural virtual reality takes virtual reality technology to the next level by pumping virtual environments directly into the brain through neural implants. Transmitted signals deceive the brain to believe that the body is actually participating in the simulated experience.



The ubiquitous nature of food glossy picture and images of starred chefs cooking live has created a phenomenon described as gastrophornography, where the image is not an anticipation of the food, but rather a substitute for it. In our hectic times, very few people have the time to create truly impressive dishes, so that they resort to pseudo-domestic recipes that allow to save time starting from pre-processed ingredients but still permit the “pseudo-chef” to feel some of the pride linked to cooking a dish.



A big emerging trend in medicine is certainly the predictive technologies based on continuos monitoring and testing of our body. Examples are the newly launched monitoring wristband or the so called toilet screening, that consists of smart toilets that are able to screen the organic waste of our body and give immediately the results of such screening, either through data or through alert signals. Also, research continues on the fundamental issue of life extension, and in particularly on how to to move all informations contained in our brains to other “platforms” to create what are called substrate-independent minds (SIM). Finally, also new medical professions are being created: a peripatologist is a therapist who trains the blind or visually impaired to travel independently.



A booming phenomenon is and will be that of fluid trademarks – aka liquid trademarks – i.e. trademarks that change dynamically and intentionally. While businesses typically used to think of their trademarks as a static signature or source identifier, in recent years, some brands (Google as the best example) have experimented with trademarks that continuously alter in appearance, while using some recognizable constant. By refreshing their trademarks constantly, the brand engages consumers with its creativity and energy, with a very dynamic spin. Another emerging issue are the requests of cancellation of data on the Internet based on the so called right to oblivion, that is the right that certain information are cancelled after a certain amount of time.



in 2014 you will hear more and more about the so-called Gatsby curve, aka Great Gatsby curve, that is the likelihood that someone will inherit their parents’ relative position of income level. Then, also a new word has emerged to describe parents who try to be like their children’s friends: they are now called peerents, who are parents  that abdicated their authoritative parent role for a peer role.



Researchers at Stanford University have recently created a new type of transistor entirely made of genetic material and working inside living bacteria. The new biological transistor is better than its inorganic counterpart and researchers say their device will be able to help build fully functioning computers within the cells of living organisms — plants and animals alike — in the future. Researchers are studying how to create electronic circuits one molecule thin, by using molybdenum disulfide (MoS2). This material is applied to surfaces by deposition of vapors, so covering perfectly uneven surfaces. This can lead to create screens which are one molecule thin and can be sprayed on any surface, that are called spray displays. Radar technology uses radio waves refraction to calculate distance, speed and direction of a body. Miniaturization of radars and decreased costs render the personal radars suitable for individual uses, such as heartbeat control, blood pressure check, driving support. Finally, research is continuing on mind copying – aka “whole brain emulation” or “mind uploading” – that is the hypotetical process of copying or transferring a conscious mind from a brain to another storage medium by scanning and mapping a biological brain in detail and copying its information and computational state into a computer system or another computational device.


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We hope you will find all this useful and a good basis for your successful activities in 2014. If you want to Book the Future by buying or leasing one of our domains, you are very welcome to contact us.