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While it has been customary for centuries to drink vinegar in China, the trend is now expanding to the West – starting from the US West Coast – as a healthier alternative to sweet soft drinks. Drinking vinegar is considered a blood thinner and good for health.  In fact, although the taste of vinegar is sour, when it enters human body, it can turn our blood to a slightly alkaline state with low blood viscosity, which helps cleanse and detox the acidic toxins in the body like ammonia and uric acid. There exist a large number of drinking vinegar varieties: black vinegar, apple vinegar, the strangely-named moromi (a by-product of sake fermentation) vinegar, plum vinegar, various aromatic vinegars, wine vinegar, shiso (perilla leaf) vinegar, lemon vinegar, permission vinegar and millet vinegar.
And remember, as the Chinese says, one spoon of vinegar a day keeps the doctor away!

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