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A field emission display (FED) is a new type of flat-panel display in which electron emitters, arranged in a grid, are individually controlled by “cold” cathodes to generate colored light. Field emission display technology makes possible the thin panel of today’s liquid crystal displays (LCD), offers a wider field-of-view, provides the high image quality of today’s cathode ray tube (CRT) displays, and requires less power than today’s CRT displays. Some FED products are now available and developers continue to refine the technology which will  then have a growing importance in consumer electronics.

After considerable time and effort in the early and mid-2000s, Sony’s FED efforts started winding down in 2009 as LCD became the dominant technology. In January 2010, AU Optronics announced that it acquired essential FED assets from Sony and intends to continue development of the technology. This move from Sony is reflected in the fall of interest for FED that you can see in the graphics hereinbelow. However, considering that FED display is self light-emitting with no motion blur, offering great contrast, low power consumption, and deeper color depth capable of 12bit gray level, the FED technology and its possibility of mass production still attract a lot of interest and FED is intended to target high-end display applications.

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